Can Your Mattress Affect Your Respiratory System?

If you’ve ever heard that a mattress can affect your health, it might surprise you to learn that’s not an urban legend or an old wives tale. The high density foam sheets used to make your memory foam bed can affect how you breathe, how you sleep and even how your room smells. This is all thanks to the chemicals sometimes used to prevent fires from catch.

It’s also worth noting that these chemicals aren’t the only potential issue with polyurethane foam sheets. Read on to find out what you need to know to sleep better, and breathe healthier.

Dust Mites and More

The temperature in your room can cause you to sweat, and that can make any mattress the perfect breeding ground for mites and bacteria. Dead skin cells shed every night while we sleep can create even more problems for us, both sanitary and respiratory. The mites feast on the dead skin cells, which can turn your bed into a very unpleasant and itchy place.

The solution to getting rid of all this bacteria is to unmake your bed before you leave for the day. That’s right! Although you mother might not be pleased with you, this solution helps air out the mattress and kill bacteria.

However, if you find that your walls have dust mites in the polystyrene insulation, it may be time to take more aggressive measures. So long as you take precautions early, the problem shouldn’t grow.

Good Foam

You might think that foam is the problem, but it’s actually not. The chemicals and the way you keep your room contribute to the problem, but it exists no matter what mattress you choose. Even hybrid spring and memory foam mattresses will experience these issues.

So how do you rectify this? The answer is simple: organic foam. Organic foam is made of organic rubber, a substance that is naturally flame retardant. It won’t get rid of the dust mites problem, but it will help your respiratory system a bit. This is especially important for children, who may be more susceptible to inhaling fumes that can have long-lasting consequences on their health.

Organic bedding can also play a role in your health overnight. Organic wool or cotton will help keep you warm at night, and are naturally resistant to flames.

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