Construction Turnaround Services Explained

When refineries need an upgrade, which is regularly scheduled every few years, they need to shut down. They can’t afford to shut down for long periods of time, as that would literally be money and time wasted. They require fast construction turnaround services that can perform the complex procedures in a short period of time. Crews sometimes work as fast as two weeks, swapping parts and machinery for new supplies.

Construction & turnaround services are a specialty offering, not useful in ever avenue of construction. Some on staff might be highly trained in chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering, in addition to whatever construction qualifications the company holds. These types of improvements also require special machinery, used to move pieces around or clean our certain apparatuses.

In some cases, all that’s needed is a construction consultant to manage the project. Some companies keep highly specialized crews on site for existing operations, but may not be prepared to fully manage a turnaround efficiently. Management may have other concerns to deal with, or the project may require special care.

Ultimately, the key to these kinds of projects is getting them done as quickly as possible. That can require all kinds of stopgaps, from additional personnel to equipment and other measures. Sometimes, a specialty crew is what’s needed.

For executives, the hard part is weighing the costs of downtime. Although, with hazardous materials there may not be a choice. When in doubt, consult with experts and attorneys to see what’s required of your crew before you get started. Plan well in advance, as these types of projects aren’t easy to execute.

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