How to Buy Furniture That Supports Proper Posture

Summary: If you are interested in taking care of your posture, continue reading for some furniture tips that improve your quality of life.


Nowadays, more and more people are starting to realize just how crucial it is to live healthy lifestyles. It is important to take care of oneself, emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Some of the more obvious areas where one can support their physical health include eating balanced diets, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. All of these are important, because they help the body function well, they give us energy, and they positively impact our moods.


However, an area that oftentimes gets overlooked is posture. Many individuals can find themselves engaging in bad posture throughout the day, whether they are slouched over on a couch while watching TV or straining their necks to look down at their phones. How we sit or stand may seem like a rather unimportant aspect of our lives but proper posture actually allows us to work more efficiently and decreases the amount of strain we put on our muscles. Engaging in bad posture on a regular basis can have long-term negative effects on our ligaments that can be challenging to reverse. If you are looking for new furniture, read below for some tips you can follow to promote good posture.


Office Chairs


If you like to work at a desk or table you will want to invest in a supportive office chair. Spending hours a day in a chair can lead to bad sitting habits if the chair does not promote healthy posture. Standard wooden chairs can seem too hard and inflexible, leading some people to believe that the softer the chair is, the more better it will be for you. A soft chair is undoubtedly comfortable but look for chairs that are also supportive and keep your entire back straight. The Foam Factory and other vendors sell memory foam that can cushion the body and help you feel comfortable, even after sitting for multiple hours.


Look for a an adjustable chair that can keep your arms at a comfortable height, relative to your desk. Raising your arms too much can create pain and having a chair that is too high can lead to slouching and neck straining.




When sitting on the couch it is easy to lean back and sink down to get comfortable. When shopping for a couch, look for couch cushions that are fluffy yet stiff enough to prevent a rounded spine. Similar to the ideal office chair, you do not want a couch that is too cushiony and flimsy, as it will allow your back to easily slip into a bad position. Similarly, search for a couch that is low enough to the ground so you can sit with your knees at a right angle when your feet touch the ground. This will make it easier to maintain a straight back and shoulders back.