Natural vs. Synthetic Latex for Mattresses

natural-vs-synthetic-mattressesThe benefits of latex mattresses are widely known — but the differences between natural and synthetic latex may not be as clear. Natural latex is produced through the use of rubber tress, while synthetic latex is manufactured in a lab. Depending on your preferences, you may want to look for one or the other when shopping for a discount memory foam mattress.

Natural Latex

Tapped from rubber trees directly, natural latex is generally considered to be stronger and more durable. The natural latex equivalent of a queen size memory foam mattress will usually last longer than a synthetic latex of exactly the same shape. However, there’s a trade off: natural latex is generally more expensive. Natural latex is often very difficult to find; though a memory foam mattress can be found anywhere, a 100% natural latex mattress might need to be ordered special through a manufacturer.

Synthetic Latex

By far the most common type of mattress, a synthetic latex mattress isn’t necessarily a “bad” option. Rather, synthetic latex tends to be a blend of manufactured latex and some natural latex components. Because of this, synthetic latex will usually break down a little early on. When synthetic latex does break down, it may become uncomfortable. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true — there are luxury mattresses that are made of synthetic latex that can be more durable. Synthetic latex is also much more affordable.

Consumers need to be very careful, because even “natural latex” mattresses — or a natural latex mattress topper — could potentially have synthetic latex in it. While synthetic latex may be fine for some consumers, it’s still important to know exactly what you’re purchasing.

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