When do you need a construction expert witness?

A construction expert witness is someone who has knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. An expert witness will give evidence in front of a tribunal or the court based on his/her inspection and report the construction standards that are being disputed. The expert witness’s report will be a testimony that helps the court decide the facts of the case.

It is best to look for a construction expert witness that has extensive knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, and in the specific areas of your dispute. To build a strong case, your witness should have good communication skills, have experience in talking to a jury and understand court appearances, as well as he/she, should be able to simplify complex issues to a jury who knows nothing about construction.

If your construction firm is dealing with a case that includes building code compliance, construction defects/ safety, cost estimates, forensic investigations, governmental regulations, quality or structural engineering compliance, toxic mold or unsafe exposure to workers it is best to get the assistance of a construction expert witness.

Lyle Charles Consulting offers a wide range of expert witnesses that are experienced in handling court appearances and creating expert reports that strengthen legal arguments. Our expert witnesses are also able to discuss standard industry warranties, such as licenses, quality, appropriateness, and completion of a construction project. If you are faced with a complex construction dispute, look at hiring a construction expert witness to assist you with your case.