Leasing Property in Cayman: What Visitors Need to Know

Article written by the million dollar portfolio

Summary: Learn what to look for when you’re booking a stay in Grand Cayman.

Tourists who come to the island of Grand Cayman expect an island adventure, but there are a few loose odds and ends to tie up before you start your journey. One of those loose ends is where to stay, which is a lot more complicated than just asking which hotel. For starters, hotels offer a rather limited experience of the island. True adventure seekers will want a space they can call home for their stay on the islands.


Most people think of amenities and hotels in the same vein. Those people have never rented a condo in the Cayman Islands before. Grand Cayman residential property management does an excellent job of treating renters the same way hotel guests might. It’s not uncommon to have breakfast served to you in your bedroom, or to have a bicycle or surf board come with your rental property.


Most properties in Grand Cayman have been renovated, but there are a few with some older fixtures. Property management companies are on call 24/7 to ensure repairs are made. These companies also do checks of the property before you and your party ever set foot on the island. Hotels would simply assign you a room and wait for you to discover something was wrong.

Final Thoughts

The biggest reason to choose a condo over a hotel has to do with your experience of the Cayman Islands. A hotel will offer 5-star accommodations, but you’ll struggle to truly feel at home. You’re also at the mercy of booking agents who put you wherever they have room. Renting a condo feels more like staying in your own home away from home, and you have more choice over where you’ll actually stay when you deal with Caribbean property management.

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