An Impressive Jupiter, FL Home for Michael Jordan

Guest post provided by Luxury Homes Network

Jupiter, Florida’s real estate has long been a magnet for sporting greats — maybe there’s something in the water? No, most likely it’s the paradisiacal scenery and weather, combined with the strong, and growing, community of luminaries that have all snowballed into an irresistible pull for folks of certain talents, and means.

One sports legend who couldn’t resist the siren call of Jupiter is none other than Michael Jordan. Jordan heeded the invite to stay three years ago when he purchased his parcel of Jupiter land, but it is only now that the house he built in nearing to completion. Media outlets are reporting that the six-time NBA champion invested a total of $12.4 million on the property divided between the land and the structure, $4.8 million and 7.6 million, respectively.

The main house has 11 bedrooms and 28,000 square feet of living space. It’s no secret that Jordan has a taste for cigars, and, to accommodate his habit, Jordan has installed a custom ventilation system inside his new home’s theater room. Other features are a pristine indoor basketball court, a guest house, a pool house, and a guard house. Beyond that, Jordan will have first-class beaches and a golf course right around the corner.

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