Buying a New Home: The Hidden Costs

We all want a roof over our heads. And while there are those who are content with paying rent, some of us want the peace of mind that comes with owning a home. There are many variables to already consider with this process; the right neighborhood, access to work, schools, and the like. However, once you have a settled upon a location, there are other things to consider. One would be, the very health of your house.

While fully understanding that some work will be required to make a property into the home you desire, you wouldn’t want the extra work of pre-existing problems that can come with a new property. Therefore, when getting ready to purchase a home, take the time to inspect the house for a few issues.

Obviously you want the dream home. However, there already may be some tenants who find your home desirable too, especially the wood. Termites can be a serious issue and can lay waste to a property if given enough time. The sooner they are caught the better. If this new home of yours has been dealing with a serious infestation for some time, you may want to consider another property.

Check your possible new property for drainage issues. Faulty drainage can lead to wood rot, and mold issues. While this may be a relatively easy fix, some damage may have already occurred. A thorough inspection could alleviate some of the concerns.

Speaking about moisture issues, mold in a house can be a pervasive problem, leading to damage to the home and pose serious health risks. While every home can develop an issue with mold at one time or another, if this has been a long term problem with the house you’re looking into, it may be a sign of needing to examine another property instead.

When looking into a new home, always be sure to check the foundation. Repairs can be incredibly expensive, especially if some excavation needs to occur. This can be a common problem with old homes, though the degree of damage and repairs needed can very quite a bit from property to property.

Be sure to take a look at the roof as well. Depending upon the materials used, part of the roof may need to be replaced over time. Take for example if the roof was built using asbestos based materials. The cost of replacing that type of material, including proper disposal of the old roof, can be incredibly expensive.

These are just a few things to examine. Be sure to get a thorough home inspection. This could be your new house. Why not get the most out of it.
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