Luxury Condominiums versus Luxury Single Family Homes

When making a choice of a luxury home, many people are focused on the amenities, such as granite counter tops and floor to ceiling windows. The type of property for purchase is rarely thought about until the realtor brings up the subject. The first thing that luxury home buyers should choose is whether they would like a luxury single family property or a luxury condominium. Both types of properties have positives and negatives and definitely take some time to consider.

Condominium properties are apartment style properties, but are owned by each individual unit. Luxury condominium properties may be one story or several stories and can have dozens of amenities, like a concierge, theatre and meeting rooms, and state of the art work out equipment. Luxury condominiums are built just as well as single family homes and generally are a good choice for those who want to be in the center of a large city. Single family homes tend to be situated in the suburbs so if you want to live in an urban neighborhood with great nightlife a condominium would be a good call.

 Single family homes are one of the best ways to sink your personality into the whole of the house, from the gardens to the outward style of the home, to the amenities. Luxury single family homes are more suburban, so there will be a drive to shopping and dining, but tend to be more tranquil than homes located within the city limits. Single family homes offer more square footage and outdoor areas that are owned and operated solely by the owner of the home. Single family units are great for those who want more space and privacy with a little more seclusion than condominiums offer.

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