Spotlight on Fusion Dining Style for Special Events

Companies that offer catering in Los Angeles and abroad are always coming up with new ways to present food at special events. Of course, clients can always choose traditional presentation styles such as buffets and family-style dining, but there is something exotic and fresh about featuring a new dining style at your special event. If you’re planning a wedding, corporate mixer, or anniversary party, you might want to consider the latest way to serve food at your event, called Fusion dining.

Fusion dining – the name implies a mix of various dining styles, but what is it exactly? Here’s a look at this relatively new but elegant way to present food at your next special event.

The Presentation

Fusion dining is a marriage of two of the most popular ways to serve food at a special event: restaurant- and family-style presentations. Guests are first escorted to their tables, where they are met with a variety of appetizers already spread out on the table. Once they’ve had enough time to enjoy the delicious appetizers, the table is cleared in preparation for the main course. But instead of another family-style presentation, the main course is served by waiters and consists of individual plates for each guest. Thus, fusion dining!

When to Embrace Fusion Dining

This unique and elegant presentation style is ideal for fancy affairs, including upscale weddings, corporate events, and galas. It’s a way to create a comfortable atmosphere for your guests during the beginning of an event, when most people are still opening up to social engagements. It gives guests the opportunity to mingle with others at the table since they will be passing the food around family-style. But once it’s time for the main course, the restaurant-style dining experience reminds guests that they are at a fancy party, one that requires appropriate etiquette.

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