Tips on How to Flirt in Public

Written by New York Socials

One of the challenges of flirting is when you have to do it in public. At a bar, at a restaurant, or even at the grocery store. But public places are often where we meet potential dates, which means it’s important to master the art of flirting while people might be watching. So, how do you flirt in public without drawing too much attention? As founder of a high end dating service in NYC, I offer the following tips on how to flirt in public.

Be tactful. A woman at the grocery store, for example, doesn’t want the entire store to know that you’re interested in her. Instead, keep the flirting subtle and appropriate. Eye contact is a great way to test whether she is interested. If she continues to lock eyes and even gives you a smile, you can approach her to introduce yourself, but keep your voice low.

Know when to make the move. Depending on where you see the person, you might have to make your move so that you don’t lose the opportunity. For example, if you’re visiting a certain farmer’s market that you know you won’t be visiting again, you might want to make your move. But if you see her at a local grocery store, you can trust life and wait to see if you will run into them again a second and maybe even third time. The art of flirting can be heightened if you see her a few times before making the first move.

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