Top Moving Mistakes

Moving takes a lot of coordination. A poorly executed move could take hours longer than a well-planned one, and you’ll pay out the nose for the privilege. Here are some tips to help you avoid the top mistakes people make when they move.

Hiring from a Shady Source

When you’re young and you need to move, you go to Craigslist and hire a few people to pitch in. It’s usually a transaction worth a few hundred dollars, and they often supply more than enough man power to move a college dorm or a small apartment. They are no good for moving a home. There may not be a transparent pricing structure; there could be unforeseen liabilities, or worse. It’s a necessity to check out sites like Angie’s List, The Better Business Bureau and other sources. Even your agent may have some ideas on who you can call to assist you with your move.

Quote Mishaps

The moving company should send someone to your home to review what needs to be moved. If there is no one physically inspecting your supplies, there is too much room for error in the estimates. You can say how many boxes you have, and the bulk items you need to move over the phone, but the movers may try to charge you packing fees to wrap items like your mattress.

You should also not take the first quote you receive as the best possible price for the move. Shop around and get a few quotes before you make your decision. It gives you some extra time to research the company’s reputation.

Volume Packing

Another big mistake people make is to bring everything with them. Moving is a natural process of shedding things you don’t need. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t touched something in years, you probably don’t need it. What can you sell to help cover the expenses of the move? Whatever you can’t sell, you can either trash or donate. Hosting a garage sale before you move works well to add some extra income and help you edit down your supplies.

Failure to Schedule

Good moving companies book quickly, especially during the summer months. So failure to plan your move in advance could leave you with no alternative but to hire Joe and Bob’s moving co. Try to starty planning weeks, or even months in advance.


Packing isn’t fun, but that’s no reason to put it off. The more you leave unpacked, the more your moving company gets to charge you to pack. If you’re moving within a week or two, have a packing party with friends and family. Order some pizzas, put on a movie and pack your heart out.

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