What a Woman Really Wants in a Man

Written by New York Socials

This is the age-old question: what does a woman really want in a man? As the founder of an elite dating service in New York, I have the privilege of asking this question from women all the time. The short answer: a man. Here’s why:

There are many things women want in a man, or in a relationship. Most women want someone they are attracted to. Attraction and chemistry are very important. Many women want a man who is financially stable. Still, many want to find someone they are completely compatible with. All of these things are true and good. It’s important to find someone you are attracted to, who has money, and someone who is compatible with you in every way possible.

But the reality is that at the end of the day, a woman wants a man. A man she can rely on. A reliable man is one who is dependable, consistent, and trustworthy. Who doesn’t play games. Who know what he wants and acts accordingly. There is a lot more to being reliable than showing up on the first date.

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