Advantages to Owning Rental Properties in Grand Cayman

Written by: REM Services

The Cayman Islands are one of the most luxurious and beautiful places in the world, and owning real estate here carries major benefits.

The quality of life in the Cayman Islands makes Grand Cayman one of the most desirable places in the world to live. The Cayman Islands have been a hot spot for international since the 1960s, which also boosted the island’s draw for tourists. The small island chain is just a few miles off the coast of Florida, offering the perfect getaway with the right amount of access.

As a result, foreign investors are finding the Cayman Islands to be an increasingly lucrative opportunity for long term investments. The reasons why may surprise you.

Tax Free Income

A Cayman rental property accumulates tax free income for its owner, which is one huge advantage to owning property in Grand Cayman. Buying a property in cash allows you to hold onto it, accumulating rental income without the debts that come with owning property stateside. With prices in the comparable range of what you might find in Florida, and a much larger opportunity for tourism, it’s really no wonder why so many investors are choosing the Cayman Islands.

Hands-Off Approach

Very few investments can manage themselves, especially not without accumulating gratuitous costs. With Cayman property management services, everything from rent collection to tenant complaints are handled by someone else. You never have to make decisions to protect your investment, you can trust that these companies are doing everything they can to stage your property for maximum attractiveness and keep it in good working order.

International banking has brought a lot of money to Grand Cayman, and businesses are developing as a result. Cayman commercial property management has also become increasingly valuable to investors pouring money into this growing segment of the Cayman Islands.

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